Monday, April 14, 2014

hello dusty old blog and Disneyland adventures...

Today I wiped the dust off the old blog and started with cleaner brighter look for now.  I might get fancier if I stay at it.  I miss the writing down of things about life and everyday.  So, here I go again.  Trying desperately to record small pieces of the the adventures of life experienced in the everyday in this family with the challenges it holds and with the blessings it brings.  Especially with three busy (and very quickly growing kids) to keep up with!

These photos pretty much sum up our trip....we spent a day and a half or more in a car to reach this place, but it is one of our favorites spots on this earth--the Ocean!  We had fun digging in the sand, building sand castles, and searching for sea shells all whilst running, laughing, dipping our toes in the water, and bouncing around the volleyball.  It was worth all the lingering sand on everyone and in the car.  Ahhhh, the beach.

concentrating on her work and not spilling the water that fills her cup

he ran around for a solid hour with the biggest, sweetest, toothless grin

Cutest Piggies filled with Sand...  She LOVED it and cried when it was time to leave

Then after 3 nights and a couple days frolicking by the sea and a visit to Legoland (my camera did not visit Legoland-oops), we moved more northern to the Happiest place on Earth!  (aka Disneyland)  The kids were anxious for this trip and even more anxious to check out Disneyland and California Adventure and mom and dad had agreed to participate in two days of this insanity--what were we thinking?  

We made the trek to Anaheim.
Anxious to hit the gate at Disneyland

we purchased our tickets--woohoo!

This princess and her prince pointing to the castle

The three of them were so excited to walk through the famous castle with their sister who has never been here!

Goofy is one of our favorites!

I have a similar picture of this kid in this same spot when he was three,
the lighting wasn't good but he is still so cute!

Plunking away on Goofy's piano

we got the PINK teacup which was a must for the smallest in our group

Mater's tractor ride in California Adventure

Sunday was afraid of Doug from the Movie UP, but we were thrilled to meet him--SQUIRREL!

Eating her carrot appetizer and waiting to meet her princess friends

dessert for the kids at the dinner with the Princesses

our favorite ride at California Adventure! 

 This day was really amazing from start to finish with a color show set to music and water fountains.  As usual Disney does everything with such great detail and wonderful effects.  We saw anAladdin play, Disney Junior live on Stage, two parades, fireworks, and rode many, many themed rides and saw and met lots of the Disney Characters!

I have more pictures on both of our phones but will leave this for now and post again with more to see soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is a favorite verse of mine regarding LOVE....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100th post....

Hey---this is my 100th post! It only took me a few years to accomplish this. :) Oh well, it is still a milestone and I do still enjoy blogging and recording our everyday stuff so one day I can look back and be glad I took the time to jot some things down.

I am a bit behind on my project life goals but am excited to catch back up this coming weekend. Work/personal/baby has been really busy lately with one of our clients hiring me an additional 20 hours a week to help with recruiting for their hiring push. When I add that on to all of my other responsibilities and happenings you have one girl who had lots of balls in the air to juggle and keep afloat. In a nutshell, I have been working day and night which doesn't allow for much else in between. I am lucky to have so much support from my mom who has been getting reacquainted with having a baby around alot--she and Sunday are getting to be good friends! I have also hired help with the never ending bookwork, etc that comes along with this business. What a blessing that has been! I am nearly dug out of the hole that happened about 9 months ago when I brought home our sweetie pie Sunday! Being nearly caught up is a great feeling. Oh well enough of my rambling. Now for some highlights of our daily Project Life pics/thoughts/random highlights of the past few weeks.

Here is sweet Sunday who fell on her back while playing around on the office floor while Mommy and Uncle Jake and Daddy try to work, work, work!

Halle had the honor to be WEEKLY WONDER at school and bring in personal items the represented who she is, as well as photos and some written cards about herself. She chose to bring in her pink baseball glove, pink tennis ball, rock collection from family summer trips to our cabin, a scrapbook she made of herself, and her current favorite book "the Boxcar Children". Her favorite vacation was posted and it was our trip last summer to California, and her favorite bible story which is Jesus dying on the cross and rising again. We love you Halle! You are a treasure to us and Jesus and uniquely you.

Caleb and Sunday are always goofing around together and Caleb is in LOVE with his little sister. I am so glad that they have a bond already.

Halle working on typing up her Biography book report on Helen Keller. They officially typed an assignment at home for the first time to bring in! She was so proud! (so was I)

Meetings up north with 2 kids---Daddy dropped us off at Smashburger for lunch while he attended some meetings. We love bringing you with us to work! What a blessing to have you both with us so much of the time and still be productive with our business.

Here are some pictures from Pajama day at school for Halle...she is corraling her curious and very busy little sister who wants to pull up on anything and everything!

Like I said pulling up....

Snow day on Friday-school cancelled...getting ready to play outside in the white stuff.

That is all I have time for I said work and baby are calling.